Raising talent, raising the bar.

The Old Carey Performing Arts Club strives to provide an enjoyable and encouraging environment for Old Carey Grammarians and members of the wider community to engage in a recreational and professional interest in performing arts. Through providing the necessary resources and training, the club strives to mount projects that demonstrate and enhance the talent of its members.

The Old Carey Performing Arts Club is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to artistically enrich the Carey school community and the community at large.

We're always looking for more members to join our team. Become a member for $25 and help shape our community's performing arts.

OCPAC was founded in 2009 by Joshua Robson, Josh Gavin and Matthew Cox

President’s Address

From the President of Old Carey Performing Arts Club;

I am delighted to have been selected as OCPAC's new president. In the recent years since our inception, we have strived and succeeded to produce the highest quality shows that we can. We have been challenged but nothing excites me more and ignites my passion to bring strength, stability and success to an organisation that holds a big place in my heart.

Working for OCPAC as a Performer, Producer and Committee member and now President, I have experienced all facets of what OCPAC has to offer. I couldn't be happier to be leading a club that offers so many opportunities. One of our strongest aspects has been taking on aspiring creatives (Directors, Choreographers and Musical Directors) who wouldn't otherwise have the support to work on the scale that OCPAC provides.

Obviously, community theatre couldn't exist without a strong community. From Carey alumni, to our patrons or those who simply love theatre, seeing all the work that countless people have put into helping OCPAC's journey has been impressive to say the least. We are in one of our more challenging years and more than ever this is where the importance of community and support really counts. It is my goal and responsibility to ensure the stability and continued success for OCPAC. This will allow those avid performers from the amateur community and newer Carey graduates to join the OCPAC family in raising the bar and raising the talent..

 For no matter what a Director, cast and crew create, it would mean nothing without the audience members who have come along simply to support and enjoy. The committee, myself and the larger OCPAC community would like to thank you all for everything so far.

Andreas Katsiroubas
President of OCPAC